Five Hundo

Ball and Oates looked like the goon squad on Sunday, following their two straight wins with a 38-30 defeat to Billy Hoyle. With the loss, the team fell to a .500 record, knotted up at 2-2.

Billy Hoyle jumped out to a crushing lead against the hometown heroes, at one point leading by 20. However, due to some fine play in the second half by Ball & Oates, they were able to cut the lead to 8. Unfortunately for B&O, time just ran out and they were not able to take the lead.

During the post game interview, GM “Cuban” Guercio responded to media inquiries about the team’s performance. “Cuban”, in an attempt to one-up Russell Westbrook, wore a bow tie, monocle, and top hat to the press conference.



The team had some notable performances from numerous members of the team. “Rude Boy” Shah, despite fighting a post-birthday hangover, ran point with his usual finesse. “Jrue” Schneider was dominant on defense but unfortunately got very few looks down low on offense. “Killa Cam” Cassedy played with ferocity, as always, and fouled out, as always. Even newcomer Austin “Stone Cold” Serriani, who filled in for Joe “Kobe”, played so well as to be invited back for practice and gameplay for the remainder of the PSN Spring I Sunday league season. Apparently “Kobe” had to miss the game to film his new reality show with Olympian and legitimate retard, Ryan Lochte.




But perhaps the best performance came from Michael Colosimo, who risked injury to body and soul in an attempt to turn the possession (and tide of the game overall) into Ball & Oates’ favor. Colosimo drew not one but two (2) charge calls against Billy Hoyle, a feat so impressive that his nickname has been changed from “30 Minutes Late” to “Charged”. Everyone waits in anticipation to see if he can keep up such an intense physical performance this Sunday.

Game Notes: Team mascot and cheerleader, Rachel “Totes Cleave” Benway, was promoted to full soccer mom status after upgrading her intra-game snack from orange slices to Rice Krispies treats… Ball & Oates will have a rematch with Twenty Ten & Five, the yellow team who beat them by two points in the first game of the season. Only this time, B&O will have Schneider, Shah, and Serriani, who were all missing from the first showdown.



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