Jeremy Lin boosts local Houston economy

After the New York Knicks opted not to match the Houston Rockets’ 3-year, $21.5 million offer to guard Jeremy Lin, it became clear that the Asain sensation who blazed the nation for about half of a season is headed to Houston to join his former team.

With the arrival of Jeremy Lin, Houston news outlets are ignoring Susan Powter’s advice to “stop the Lin-sanity” and are adding tons of new jobs by hiring staff members to continue the relentless puns about Jeremy Lin’s name. Some cheesy headlines that popped up throughout last season included “may the best man Lin” and “Lin your face!”

The editor-in-chief of the Houston Chronicle said yesterday, “Lin-sanity has spread to Houston for the second time and we plan on taking advantage of every possible opportunity to include the name Lin in our headlines.” However, some are questioning the tact and taste in which this is being done, especially after this morning’s front page story in the Houston Times. After a man tragically fell to his death from the 14th floor of his condo building, the newspaper reported “Man dies after falling from 14th floor Lin-dow.”

Many are hoping that this trend will fade away shortly, but chances are it will Lin-ger on for the next three years.



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