Clown Question, bro

Washington Nationals’ All-Star rookie Bryce Harper found himself in some hot water this week for comments he made during a post-game interview in Toronto a few weeks ago.

After playing an interleague game against the Toronto Blue Jays, a reporter asked him if he’d celebrate his home run by taking advantage of Canada’s legal drinking age of 19 and enjoy a beer. Bryce Harper, a devout Mormon who does not partake in alcoholic beverages, refused to answer the question and then followed up with the now-famous quote directed to the reporter, “That’s a clown question, bro.”

Organizational leaders of the Clown Association of America (CAA), which include Krusty the Klown, Ronald McDonald, and Pennywise (the antagonist from the horror film It), issued a statement regarding Harper’s comment: “The clown community takes great offense to the comment made by Bryce Harper. Clowns have done wonders for this country and we refuse to have our name besmirched by the baseball equivalent of Justin Bieber. We demand an apology.”

Harper, nor his press agent, have been reached for comment yet. In the meantime, the CAA will continue their practices of entertaining four-year olds’ birthday parties and then haunting their nightmares for the next ten years.




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